Friday, November 30, 2012


PVNWG members are reading Amy Minato's work Siesta Lane for November 2012, to be discussed at our meeting on December 2. Several of our upcoming books document a highly personal Thoreauvian experience. Here is info from the inside cover:

Part of me knows that it would be easy to go back to my busy familiar life where I am marginally successful and known to others, if not to myself.
But not to myself.

Amy Minato decided to abandon a life of consumption for one year.
She moved from the busy streets of Chicago to a quieter, slower, simpler, and more natural existence in the pristine countryside of Oregon.  The community she discovered, called Siesta Lane, became her very own Walden Pond.
Amy's experience there--in a group of like-minded men and women, all living in tiny cottages without electricity or running water--changed her forever. Like her reader, she challenged herself to see the bigger picture through a smaller lens.

Amy Klauke Minato is a poet, writer, and teacher. She holds advanced degrees in creative writing and environmental studies from the University of Oregon. 

Bernd Heinrich: A wonderful story of resilience and courage.  It touches the soul.
Publishers Weekly: Minato's lyrical prose tosses off beguiling evocations of the landscape and flora around her...
Robert Michael Pyle: A treat...we could all learn something we need to know: live simpler, live better.
Diana Abu-Jaber: Siesta lane is a beguiling story of self-discovery filled with the enchantments of the land and the body.

To join the discussion on December 2, email pvnaturewriters@gmail for details.

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