Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We had a great turnout for the first meeting of the Potomac Valley Nature Writing Group (PVNWG).

Let me know if you have not received your member list.

Author to Read: The author we will be reading and discussing for next meeting is Rachel Carson. The primary book we will discuss is Always, Rachel: The Letters of Rachel Carson and Dorothy Freeman, 1952-1964 - The Story of a Remarkable Friendship. However, feel free to read any of her works instead of or in addition to this. See side bar to the right for helpful links.
Members suggest that we check our local libraries, used book stores, ebay, and used items available on, and other websites as alternatives to buying new.

Discussion Question: The general discussion question we will use for the next meeting is: Pick at least one or two passages (no more than a page or so) that you found exceptional or of special interest/impact. Think about why and how these passages affected you. Consider content, but also style of writing, and what the passages tell you about the author.

Writing: All members are encouraged to keep an ongoing journal of nature observations, thoughts, and any responses to the group selection or other readings. We agreed that each member would write a paragraph of personal response to the selected reading. Bring one copy of your paragraph to the meeting.


  1. OK, this is what I was hoping we could do--post in response. Now about this picture...can there be anything more like a haiku than trees dressed with snow bending to see their reflection in the water.


  2. Whoops, I changed the photo because it seemed too large. I'll get the hang of this soon! I'm glad you liked the photo.