Thursday, February 26, 2009

First Impressions

If Thoreau is the "father" of nature writing, then Rachel Carson is apparently his female counterpart. I hadn't realized how influential she was and how much courage it must have taken to publish Silent Spring. I'm glad we chose her as our first author to read!


  1. I agree. I just wish more people had continued to listen to her.

  2. Hi Squirrel, I love the photo with the snaky friend!

  3. Oh yes, that is Herschel who lives with Zac Loughman. Zac lives in the Wheeling area and I met the two of them when I attend the Terra Alta Weekend on Herps. The Olgebay Zoo sponsors some really good weekends on natural history. The one on herps was especially good that year because Dr. Pauly from Marshall University was there and he is an expert on WV amphibians and reptiles. You should google it and see if they have any classes this year. It might be under Schrader Center.