Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Four members were present at our July meeting. We enjoyed a sudden thunderstorm, which soon was replaced by fluffy clouds and a pleasant breeze. Joe Pye Weed and Purple Coneflowers grew tall beside the pavilion.
While we all had praise for Hollows, Peepers and Highlanders, -(the chapter on cannibalistic fireflies made a special impression)- we noted a trend of monotony in the style and content of the list of books we have been reading.
Therefore, as a group we will not be reading Scratching the Woodchuck for August. To become more in line with the "nature writing" part of our group's name, our challenge for the coming month is for each of us to make one entry in our nature journals each day! The entry can be very short, even a phrase, but should relate somehow to our personal relationship with nature--thoughts, feelings, sensory experiences, facts learned. Nature as broadly defined. Journal entries will be shared at the next meeting on August 30, 3PM at Yankauer. It will be fun to see the themes that run through each member's entries.
Each member is asked to bring a short excerpt from any author's work that provides inspiration for her/himself to write about nature.
Plans are in the works for a possible nature writing/journaling "retreat" for autumn. Stay tuned.
Please email Sandy at pvnaturewriters@gmail.com with any comments or suggestions.

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  1. Very sneeky move making that link from the Purple Coneflower.