Wednesday, February 25, 2009


This site will be focused on discussions relating to our group's current readings/author as well as group events, business and so on. The blog mistress will regularly post general entries on topics or questions relating to our current author and members can post comments to add to the discussion. If you want to post your own entry for the group you may email it to and the blogmistress will post it for you. Or query for further instructions on how to post entries directly. Only members will be given access to post entries directly.

To share your personal journal entries and other material not relating to our current readings, members can create their own blogs. Email your blog website address to and I will add it to a list of links to member blogs. Then to see what members are doing/writing/thinking we just click on the link! For now blog links will be limited to group members. I will also add a link to WVNaturalists yahoo group.

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